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Angela Squeo

Broker / Sales Associate


Andrea Tabak reviewed Angela Squeo 05/14/2015

"Angela helped us sell our home and then buy another property. She was wonderful! She advised us on how to prepare our house for sale and sold our house. She then helped us find and negotiate for the new property. She knows the area. It was a pleasure to work with her and she often went above and beyond. I know if I need help in the future she will be there by our side."

- Andrea Tabak

Anne Gregory reviewed Angela Squeo 12/11/2014

"Angela is an expert at what she does. We had a small window in which to buy a home. She worked efficiently with us and quickly "got" what we were looking for. Angela helped walk us through all the steps involved and was always responsive and ready to assist in what can be a daunting process. I strongly recommend her."

- Anne Gregory

Ken reviewed Angela Squeo 05/14/2015

"The best realtor ever!!! Angela has sold 2 homes for me, got great prices for both and negotiated a killer short sale. She also was my realtor for 2 purchases as well and was just amazing. Too bad the star meter stops at 5."

- Ken Lampl

komal36 reviewed Angela Squeo 12/11/2014

"Angela helped to sell my house and also guided me through the process of purchasing another at the same time. She was always there for me and made the entire experience virtually stress free. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy and/or sell a home. She is an experienced professional and works hard for her clients. I know if I decide to sell my current home, Angela will be the only person I would work with."

- Kathy

Liza MacQuarrie reviewed Angela Squeo 12/11/2014

"We recently short-sold our home through Angela and she was EXCELLENT. The process is filled with ups and downs and Angela expertly guided us through each step, from start to finish. She really is one of the best realtors that we've worked with. She works hard, she's super communicative and most importantly she's supportive, resourceful, professional and just a really great person - you can trust her. Highly recommend!"

- Liza MacQuarrie

Phyllis Pollak reviewed Angela Squeo 05/30/2015

"Angela Squeo was wonderful. It took me five long years to find the perfect home. Angela took me to see many, many houses. She was always so pleasant and upbeat. I was tired of looking for houses, but Angela never gave up on me. Angela was always positive when she took me to look for homes. She stayed with us the entire time and helped through all of the negotiations with professionalism. Even though I might become emotional and panic, Angela was always calm and helpful. I would highly recommend Angela."

- Phyllis Pollak

Shirin Razani reviewed Angela Squeo 05/05/2015

"Angela was great to work with. She listened to what we wanted and was no-nonsense in her assessment. She was insightful, extremely knowledgeable and very perceptive. She advised us well on how and when to negotiate and what inspections it was best to get. She was realistic, yet encouraging and walked us through all the steps in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Angela. She is great to work with!"

- Shirin Razani

Trisha Buehler reviewed Angela Squeo 05/05/2015

"Angela is a knowledgeable and honest realtor. We had the pleasure of getting to know her as she helped us sell our starter home and find our forever home (with baby number 2 the way). It was a stressful experience, but Angela was with us every step of the way. She told us what we needed to know not what we wanted to hear! We would use her again in a heartbeat!"

- Trisha Buehler

Chemia Kleinman reviewed Angela Squeo 05/29/2015

"In addition to the usual process that a realtor handles, Angela was very helpful in taking care of details that we, the sellers were not able to personally take care of, because of the fact that we were living far away and could not be personally available at all times."

- Chemia Kleinman